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Spondo lets you profit from Video
The New Video Economy
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Profit from your existing video, audience or advertising.

Profit from your existing video, audience or advertising.

Spondo is a game-changing platform that allows everyone to profit from video.

Using breakthrough technology, Spondo enables anyone who creates and shares content to be paid for every view and also allows advertisers to engage directly with their audience through groundbreaking ad technology.

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Spondo in the News:

Spondo's successful Halloween Facebook Launch has been featured in Fast Company, Yahoo Finance and The Wrap. Spondo CEO Chris Adams was recently interviewed on Sky News.


Content Owners

Spondo enables producers of all content to rapidly grow their audience and make money from every view. Content Owners retain full rights over material and set the price for each viewing, creating an ongoing stream of revenue for their work.


Audience Owners

An Audience Owner is an individual, business, group or organisation which has a community or following. Spondo allows the owner to share video content with members of its community and be paid for each view.



Based on breakthrough technology, Spondo allows advertisers to gain unprecedented and instant data about consumer trends by engaging directly with the viewers, who have the option to answer questions during a commercial.



Spondo allows viewers to watch content on demand, without leaving their existing social networks. Viewers connected with online communities will be exposed to relevant video from content and audience owners without being sent to external websites.

Video finds its audience

through Spondo Syndication.

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Award 2013

2013 Red Herring 100 Award

Technology industry experts have valued this list as an instrument for discovering and advocating the most promising private ventures around the world. It is widely regarded as one of the industry's most prestigious recognitions, with between 800 -1400 candidates from every continent evaluated each year.

Spondo was the only company from Australia chosen as a winner for 2013.